It is a unique code assigned to your locality for identification. You can share that Locality code with everyone member in your locality so that they can also join easily.
Unverified users are provided with restricted usage of the Inlocality App. To make best use of App, please get yourself verified.
You can simply send a verification request to your neighbors who are already using inLocality App. Alternatively simply scan any document like Voter Id, Adhaar Card or Passport as an identity proof. Our backend team will review your document and verify it at the earliest.
It takes 12-24 hrs for the team to review and facilitate the verification for your profile. However if you are facing any issues regarding the same , please email us the document mentioning your Locality ID and other details to suport@inlocality.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.
Invite each neighbor to join inLocality through whatsApp, SMS, Facebook. You can send them an invite. All they have to do is download the mobile app and simply enter the inLocality ID and they are good to go.
It is always advisable to have a one to one conversation to resolve the issue amicably amongst the Locality members. However if the issue is not resolved for some reason, you can always get in touch with our backend team support@inlocality.com for the technical support.
Please mail us the details with the phone make & model at support@inlocality.com. We will try our best to resolve it at the earliest.
Local info section give easy access of all important contact numbers of Govt agencies like municipality, water, electricity department to all members of the society. You can keep building this library by adding more and more useful info for everyone's benefit.
Each neighborhood has a band of trusted vendors like your laundry man, milkman's, Fruit & vegetable sellers, Hawkers and your nearest Provision store. You can find the information of most vendors and you can keep adding to the list and share the details for everyone's benefit.
It's all about good KARMA here! Each action taken on inLocality app matters as it’s your KARMA. Every time you create a new post or take an action like participation in a poll or creating and event, it really counts.

Participation is a key to earning Karma points. Get rewarded with KARMA points and even get a BADGE for an exceptional performance that makes you stand out in your locality. Each BADGE is a testimony of your efforts and contribution towards your locality. The more KARMA points you earn, the higher you go in BADGE card.

So get started, earn some good KARMA to make your presence felt and your neighborhood an awesome place to stay.